Winners 2023 #LoveSouthTyneside Award winners

The annual #LoveSouthTyneside Awards recognise and celebrate civic pride and community spirit across the Borough.

Awards were handed out to winners across ten categories in a glittering awards ceremony, which was held at The Customs House on Tuesday 18 July 2023.

Supporting others

This category celebrates special people who volunteer their time to support other people, particularly in their time of need.

Winner - Bede's Helping Hands

Winner Bede's Helping Hands Food Bank presented with their award

About the winner - Bede's Helping Hands

Bede’s Helping Hands have been described as “so much more than a Foodbank”. From their pre-loved shop, to a football boot swap, to a community fridge and various fund-raising initiatives and events throughout the year. They have also worked in partnership with “Food for Thought pantry” and NAAFI Break Support to Veterans, creating working links that means they can direct people to support they need long after they visit the FoodBank.

About the sponsor - Training in Care

Training In Care is part of the North East Workforce Skills Consortia who provide training for employees, businesses, and voluntary sector organisations in the North East. Training in Care provides fully-funded training packages for South Tyneside residents who are seeking employment in the Children and Adult Care sector. Their work is at the heart of Supporting Others.


This category recognises those who volunteer their time to improve the environment in South Tyneside.

Winner - Hebburn Litter Pickers

Winner, Hebburn Litter Pickers, collecting their award

About the winner - Hebburn Litter Pickers

Week in, week out, this wonderful team of volunteer adults and children can be found tidying up the streets and parks of Hebburn and Jarrow. Picking up litter, reporting flytipping, clearing areas vital for wildlife. Not only are they keeping our towns looking bonny, they are encouraging all residents to have a sense of pride in where we live.

About the sponsor - Pentagon Assurance

Pentagon Assurance is a North East business, with offices in South Shields. The Pentagon team support local businesses in the Engineering, Manufacturing, Energy and Construction Industries. They support the Industry to achieve Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental standards. A great sponsor for our Environment Award.

Above and Beyond

This category celebrates those who bring something extra special to their 'day job' that is recognised and valued by customers or colleagues.

Winner - Bev Cook

Winner Bev Cook

About the winner - Bev Cook

Bev is a Network and Partnership Development Worker for South Tyneside – supporting volunteers like those we’ve heard about tonight. Her latest Volunteer Celebration event at Hedworth Hall was a massive success. Bev is superb at connecting communities and organisations - a vital cog in supporting volunteering in the Borough as well as taking time for individuals who need support.

About the sponsor - Key Subject Tuition

Key Subject Tuition are a South Tyneside based business who offer support to those who need additional help with Maths and English. Their lessons are tailored and differentiated to suit individual needs. They help develop students’ confidence and support progress so that their students can achieve above and beyond. It’s great to have them on board to sponsor our Above and Beyond category.

Communities Helping Communities

This category recognises individuals, organisations or businesses that work at a neighbourhood level to improve opportunities for people in a particular geographical area.

Winner - Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign

Winner Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign

About the winner - Save South Tyneside Hospital campaign

Founders of the campaign, Roger and Maddy Nettleship have been nominated for their work from forming a committee 7 years ago – and they are still leading a campaign to save hospital Services in South Tyneside. They collected a petition with over 44,000 signatures and took it to parliament. They also took the cause to a Judicial Review to save acute services for the people of South Tyneside.

About the sponsor - Sandhaven Beach Chalets

Sandhaven Beach Chalets are family-run accommodation, located on South Shields Award-winning Sandhaven Beach. They are a hidden gem along our coastline, occupying the perfect location for visitors wanting to explore our area. They’re a key part of our visitor economy, helping us promote South Tyneside as a great destination to visit. It’s fantastic to have them sponsor our Communities Helping Communities Award.

Inspiring Talent

This category celebrates those who voluntarily share their talent or teach new skills to others, through sport, art, music or culture.

Winner - Eddie Hope

Winner Eddie Hope, presented with their award

About the winner - Eddie Hope

Eddie runs The Jarrow Lasses under 16s football team who won their league this year, meaning they will be playing in their Premier Division this coming season. Eddie has taught “the lasses” new skills as well as teaching them discipline, teamwork and respect. The team look forward every week to training and playing. Who knows… we could well have some future Jill Scotts in our midst, thanks to inspirational Eddie inspiring and nurturing these young girls’ talents.

About the sponsor - Superior Recruitment Group

Superior Recruitment Group is a local business, working at an international level to connect talented individuals with exceptional companies, creating meaningful careers that drive employee and employer success and growth. With their experience in spotting talent, they are the perfect sponsor for the Inspiring Talent category.

Heart of the Community

This special award celebrates those with big hearts who have laid foundations or led initiatives that have seen community organisations grow and flourish over a number of years.

Winner - Jordan Trotter, Walk and Talk

Winner Jordan Trotter presented by

About the winner - Jordan Trotter, Walk and Talk

Jordan has set up a South Shields based group for men called Walk and Talk. This group enables men of all ages to get together in a non-judgemental environment to help talk about their mental health. Jordan set up this group after he suffered with his own mental health in 2022, when he felt he had nowhere to go. Initially it was a weekly meet, but has now increased to twice a week.

About the sponsor - Newcastle Building Society

Newcastle Building Society has been at the heart of South Tyneside for many years. With a branch located at the Denmark Centre in South Shields, they offer local residents a variety of mortgage and savings products, along with face-to-face financial advice from Newcastle Financial Advisers Limited. It’s great to have this stalwart of the community sponsoring our Heart of the Community.

Team of the Year

This award recognises those teams who work together as a whole to make a difference and make South Tyneside a better place.

Winner - Arts 4 Wellbeing

Winner Arts 4 Wellbeing presented by

About the winner - Arts 4 Wellbeing

The Arts 4 Wellbeing team run a much loved centre for people with learning disabilities and other mental health needs. Recognising there are no night time activities for members to attend, this team volunteer their own time to deliver an evening monthly disco. The organisers come from all over, to make sure this event happens because they care so much about their members, to enable them to enjoy what others take for granted and to help them thrive and know that they are valued.

About the sponsor - Total Resources UK

Total Resources UK are a South Tyneside company with exceptional depth of experience in the highways industry. They support customers with site inspections, design, construction and delivery across all aspects of traffic management, road resurfacing and event management. They are very much a company based on Team Work, employing local people into local jobs.

People's Choice Award

This award is chosen by the people of South Tyneside through a count of nominations in single or multiple categories.

Winner - WAVES

Winner WAVES presented by

About the winner - WAVES

With an incredible number of nominations from the families of children with complex needs, WAVES are described as not just a great support to the child, but also to the family of the child. They treat every individual with respect and understanding. It’s been suggested that Waves should receive recognition, so that others can find out about the critical support they give to those in most need in our community.

About the sponsor - Land Development Advisory

Land Development Advisory has a 25 year track record of supporting local land regeneration projects. They focus on previously developed (“brownfield”) land, often derelict and redundant land, and help bring it back into use. They inspire modern development, landscaping and buildings for people to use and enjoy. It’s great to have them on board to sponsor our People’s Choice Award.

#LoveSouthTyneside Award

This category celebrates passionate people who work tirelessly to create opportunities, events and activities that inspire, promote pride in their area and involve people from all walks of life.

Winner - Suzanne Jackson

Winner Suzanne Jackson presented by Cllr Tracey Dixon

About the winner - Suzanne Jackson

For the last 13 years, Suzanne has been involved in voluntary work supporting families who have a child with disabilities or additional needs. For the last 6 years, she has Chaired WAVES Additional Support Group. She has built this, along with a dedicated team, to offer many families in our area the support they desperately need. These families see WAVES as a lifeline, giving them a safe and supportive environment to take their children. Suzanne has accomplished the above as well as working hard Monday to Friday in the Probation Service.

About the sponsor - Equinor

Tom Nightingale, Stakeholder Manager of Equinor attended last year to see what our awards were all about.

He was so impressed by what he heard about the residents, that Equinor agreed to be Lead Sponsor for the #LoveSouthTyneside Awards.

Judges' Special Award

Sponsor in kind: Red Sky

This award is chosen from among all the nominees and presented by The Mayor.

Winner - Samantha Robson

Winner Samantha Robson with the Mayor of South Tyneside, Cllr Pat Hay

Sergio and Red Sky are doing amazing things across South Tyneside and our region. Red Sky’s mission is to improve the lives of people needing cardiac care who are born with, or develop, heart conditions.

The Judging Panel read about this special person whose action didn’t fit any of our categories, yet their quick thinking saved the life of another person!

Samantha Robson had been enjoying the P!NK concert at The Stadium of Light with her daughter. Just as they were leaving, they noticed a lady in distress. It’s now understood that the lady had received a blow to the head, which caused her to trip and subsequently choke on a piece of food.

Samantha, an off-duty nurse performed 2 rounds of CPR on the lady. Despite this action, to everyone’s dismay, the lady was unresponsive and had no pulse or heartbeat.

Samantha administered a third round of CPR. Thankfully, Samantha’s persistence brought the lady round, saving her life through her quick action. This lady is understood to be in recovery with only minor injuries, thanks to Samantha.

Is there any action greater than saving another person’s life?